Lot 49

Combustion chamber from the latest model of the Rolls-Royce Derwent 9 engine powering the British Gloster Meteor Mk-12 fighter plane and mounted in a lamp
In polished titanium numbered

The Gloster Meteor, the first military jet plane in the United Kingdom, was built from 1944 and two years later broke a world speed record (991 km/h). Used against the German V1 flying bombs then during the Korean War or the Suez Canal crisis, the aircraft could carry, in addition to its four 20 mm cannons, two 450 kg bombs or 16 rockets. Only 100 specimens of this aircraft were equipped with this Gloster Metéor Mk-12 engine, increasing considerably its power (7.55 kN of thrust for the Derwent 1 against 16.9 kN for our Derwent 9). This type of engine with an elongated fuselage was then abandoned because of a too important diameter which integrated ten combustion chambers around the central axis. - H. 59.5 cm