Lot 104

Emmanuel CHABRIER (1841-1894). Autograph musical manuscript; 2 pages oblong in-4 (under glass).

Beautiful page of early piano pieces, on 16-line paper, including the end of a piece (12 bars, with the notes: "enter following the inversions of the diminished 7th chord" and "reprise with the gruppetto"), and five complete pieces, each on two systems of two staves, dated and numbered (?) in the margin: Allto assai risoluto, in G major at 6/8 (32 measures), "Xbre196"; Live, in G minor at 2/4 (26 measures), "Xbre 197"; Slow, in C at 3/8 (25 measures), "Xbre 198"; All molto, in E minor at 2/2 (70 measures on 4 lines), "Xbre 199"; Warm (quasi allegro in G flat major at 2/8 (22 measures on 3 lines) plus ritornello (9 measures), "Xbre200". Attestation and ex-dono by the composer's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Marcelle Bretton-Chabrier, to the Belgian tenor Marcel Claudel (1900-1981), who sang the role of the Count of Nangis at the Opéra-Comique on November 6, 1929: "to Monsieur Claudel, charming Count of Nangis, grateful memory, November 6, 1929. M. Bretton Chabrier ".