Lot 120

Benjamin GODARD (1849-1895) and Paul VIDAL (1863-1931). Autograph musical manuscript, La Vivandière, [1895]; 263 and 208 pages in folio, bound under paper cover with added printed title.

Orchestral score of acts I and III of La Vivandière, a comic opera in 3 acts on a libretto by Henri Cain, composed by Benjamin Godard and premiered at the Monnaie de Bruxelles on March 21, 1893; a second version, completed, elaborated and orchestrated by Paul Vidal after Godard's death on January 10, 1895, was premiered on April 1, 1895 at the Opéra-Comique (salle du Théâtre Lyrique). The action takes place during the Revolution, in Lorraine after Valmy's victory, then in the Vendée, led by the vivandière patriote Marion.
This orchestral score was prepared by a copyist who noted the singing and the lyrics, in view of the orchestration, partly by Benjamin Godard and partly by Paul Vidal. Several pages of Benjamin Godard's version were obliterated by a large bequet or obscured by being sewn together, during the revision by Paul Vidal. The Overture is in Godard's hand. In Act I, only nos. 3 and 4 are by Godard, nos. 1, 3 bis, 5 bis and 6 by Vidal; we find both writings in nos. 2 (p. 53-74 by Godard, 75-92 by Vidal) and 4 bis (p. 157-171, 174-191 by Godard, plus 12 pages deleted, Vidal having orchestrated pp. 140-156, 172-173, 192-199). Act III (208 pages, numbers 18 to [24]) is entirely in the hand of Paul Vidal

The manuscript was used as a conductor and bears numerous indications in blue or red pencil.