Lot 138

Jules MASSENET (1842-1912). Signed autograph musical manuscript, Souhait, Paris 13 November 1879; title and 2 pages oblong in-fol. (slit repaired at the central fold, small accidents at the upper edge).

Melody for voice and piano, based on a poem by Jacques Normand (collected in 20 Mélodies, vol. II, Hartmann, 1881): "If you were a flower, O my beloved" .
In C, at 4 4, marked Allegretto, it has 26 bars, without the

The manuscript is in violet ink on 18-line Italian paper; it is dated at the end "Paris - 13 Nov. 79". Massenet wrote the text of the second verse below the first, to the same music, and at the end of the second page he composed the three final bars of the '2nd stanza'. He corrected in pencil the text in the 20th bar: "Beautiful prisoner" instead of "And in my light" (which was the repetition of the previous verse).