Lot 162

Gaspare SPONTINI (1774-1851). Autograph musical manuscript, [Stances sur la mort de S.A.R. Mgr le duc de Berry, 1820] ; 6 pages in-fol.

Lament on the assassination of the Duke of Berry, for two voices with piano or harp accompaniment. This song with words by Marc-Antoine Désaugiers was published by Mlles Érard. The same stanzas, widely distributed by the royalist press and bookshops, were set to music by Ferdinando Paër.]
"Berry is no longer under a bloody arm... This generous Prince of France has fallen... put on your funeral dress... Heaven cover you with a dark veil... Berry is no longer
The piece is in C minor, marked Andante lamentevole, consists of 5 verses or stanzas

The manuscript, in brown ink on 14-line paper, presents numerous indications of nuances, and some indications to the engraver: for the last verse (which celebrates the pregnancy of the Duchess of Berry), Spontini noted: "This last stanza must be sung entirely in half-voice with the pathetic accent of hope. Accompaniments should always be pp as well as the last ritornello which ends in morendo "...