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Heterolepidotus ornatus
Upper Triassic
Seefeld Formation, Adnet near Salzburg, Austria

Fossil fish from the Triassic period are extremely rare, especially ones that are as aesthetic as the present specimens. Related to a genus of bony, armored fish, these perfectly preserved life-like fish have been expertly prepared in high relief which helps display their shiny enameled black rhombic scales.
This unique site was first quarried by the Romans approximately 2,000 years ago for colored marbles. Then many years later, during the Second World War, small amounts of oil was extracted. Eventually, in the mid-20th century, fossil fish were discovered at the site and local collectors were allowed to excavate the site for private collecting. Now closed to private collectors, this multi fossil fish plate with at least 13 complete specimens, represents a unique opportunity to own an important species from a closed locality with an historic past. The complete specimen measures 28 ¾ x 21 ¼ inches (73 x 54 cm).

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