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Allosaurus sp. Upper
Jurassic Period (150.8 to 145.5 MA) Morrison
Formation, Wyoming, United States
H. 3.50 m - l. 10 m
Allosaurus sp.
Upper Jurassic Period (150.8 to 145.5 MA)
Morrison Formation, Wyoming, United States H
. 11 ft 6 in - W. 18.1 in - l. 32 ft 10 in
Superb specimen of Allosaurus sp. of exceptional size, showing obvious signs of trauma on three ribs probably due to clashes with conspecifics or prey.
Adult Allosaurs were about 8.5 meters long. The largest allosaur kept in a scientific institution (American Museum of Natural History in New York) is 9.7 meters long, making our specimen one of the largest known allosaurs to date!
Allosaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur that flourished mainly in North America during the Upper Jurassic period, 150.8 to 145.5 million years ago.
The allosaurus had a massive skull with a short neck, a large rib cage creating a barrel-shaped chest, small three-toed forelimbs, large powerful hind limbs, a long, heavy tail serving as a counterweight, a mouth full of knife-shaped teeth, front claws like daggers and hind ones like meat hooks that it used to attack all kinds of prey. Studies on the hind limbs suggest that Allosaurs could reach speeds of 30 to 55 km per hour, easily outrunning small prey. For larger prey such as Diplodocus, it is assumed that the Allosaur hunted in a "pack".
Its skull had a peculiar appearance, with a pair of bony ridges like horns on top. The bone structure of his skull was reduced to its bare minimum in order to reduce his total weight, and probably help with thermoregulation. The relatively well-developed sinuses of the jaws indicate that they had a particularly developed sense of smell.
The missing bones and segments were replaced by casts and reproductions modelled by a team of professional paleontologists. Our skeleton is presented on the lookout, hind legs ready to pounce on its prey, mouth open, all claws out about to attack.
Scientific X-ray examinations of our animal's three ribs are available upon request.

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