Lot 418

Soup plate from a service for the imperial court of
Vienna, Conrad von Sorgenthal 1804
Round trough, with wide flag. Circular with three panoramic views and French inscription: "Vue du Lac de Brienne prior de la promenade a l' embouchure de la Jure", "Vue de Lugano située sur les bords du Lac" and "Vue de la Ville de Brienne du Côte de la promenade et du Lac", framed by raised gold and floral decoration. Porcelain, on the bottom underglazed blue shield mark, year stamp, white lathe-worked number "6". Painting by Franz Reinelly. The service is documented by the court's escape plans from 1809, which show the removal of important services. Box no. 20 contained "36 beautifully ground dishes like the above", including 24 soup plates with vedute from Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Cf. Samuel Wittwer, "Raffinesse & Eleganz", p. 39f. Provenance: "Dr. A. Werner Collection", Austrian consul in New York.d=25 cm