Lot 460

Big 67. Dinner service with native birds "Model 631 English Smooth"
Berlin 1785-90
Consisting of: A pair of leaf bowls (h=6.5 cm, w=25.5 cm, d=20 cm), a pair of oval spice bowls (h=4 cm, w=9.5 cm, d=7.5 cm), a small, oval tureen (h=17 cm, w=27 cm, d=15 cm) with presentoir (h=5.5 cm, w=33 cm, d=22 cm) a pair of round bowls (d=24,5 cm), a pair of square bowls (h=5 cm, w=23,5 cm, d=23,5 cm), a pair of round bowls (d=31,5 cm), a large round platter (d=39,5 cm), a pair of round plates (d=35,5 cm), a large, round dessert plate (d=31.5 cm), a large, oval tureen (h=28 cm, w=38 cm, d=25 cm) with presentoir (h=7 cm, w=49 cm, d=31.5 cm), three different sized oval plates (h=4.5 cm, W=38,5 cm, D=28,5 cm / H=4,5 cm, W=43 cm, D=31,5 cm / H=6,5 cm, W=48,5 cm, D=36,5 cm), twelve round dessert plates (D=24,5 cm), 24 round dinner plates (D=24,5 cm) and twelve round soup plates (D=24 cm). All pieces with gold rim and narrow yellow-ground borders, lined with blue and colourful floral motifs. Mirror colourfully painted with native birds on branches, surrounded by insects. Porcelain, at the bottom underglazed blue sceptre mark and different pressed numbers.