Lot 501

Pair of refrigerated vessels from the court service with Wittelsbach decoration
Frankenthal 1770
So-called "Beau oval à liqueurs", with volute handles pierced at the sides and a partition wall that can be pulled out in the middle with an opening. Divided into eight fields of different sizes, alternating with a green lattice pattern and rocailles raised and etched in gold with colourful floral painting. Colourfully painted with exotic birds on branches in landscape, surrounded by scattered flowers. Porcelain, at the bottom underglazed blue, crowned, ligated CT mark with number "6", gold heightened painter's monogram "De" and "OC". Painting by Jakob Deuthe. In 1769 Louis XV gave Elector Carl Theodor a Sèvres service (40 pieces) with the same decoration. In 1770 Elector Carl Theodor commissioned the Frankenthal manufactory to produce a supplementary service of another 40 pieces to expand the Sèvres service. Cf. C.T. Hofmann 1911, Vol. II, Taf. 187f, Figs. 736 and 740; Svend Eriksen, Sèvres Porcelain, London 1968, Figs. 13 and 26. 18 pieces can be proven, most of them in musts: Residenz-Museum Munich, Bayrisches Nationalmuseum Munich, Reiss-Museum Mannheim, Kurpfälzisches Museum Heidelberg, Victoria & Albert Museum London and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.h=11.7 cm, w=27.4 cm, d=13.4 cm