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Important table duelsMeissen and Paris 1735-45Oval, stepped plinth with C-shaped, openwork volutes, tapering upwards, flanked by stepped heels and crowned by a curved, openwork trellis arbour. In the centre the drum-shaped clock case with a door glazed on both sides. Bronze gilded and partially chased. Round, enamelled dial with double key winding; signed by (Francois) "Autray à Paris" (Master 1737-50). The movement signed on the verso by "Etienne Le Noir A Paris" (1698-1778). The bronze rocaille arbour bears seven recessed Meissen porcelain figures of the 18th century: in the middle the main group Beltrame and Columbine, also called Spanish Lovers, model by Johann Joachim Kaendler, 1740 (h=18.8 cm). Flanked on the right by Dottore Boloardo from the "Italian Comedy" for Johann Adolf II, Duke of Sachsen-Weißenfels, model by Peter Reinicke and Johann Joachim Kaendler, 1744 (h=14 cm); and the Dutch Girl with Dove, model by Johann Friedrich Eberlein, 1743 (h=12.6 cm). Flanked on the left by the dancing harlequin, model by Peter Reinicke, 1747 (h=14 cm); and Scaramouche, model by Peter Reinicke, 1743 (h=13.5 cm). Above the clock case a resting pug dog, model by Johann Joachim Kaendler, 1745 (h=4 cm); and crowning the clock case the sitting scaramouche with bunny and dog, model by Johann Friedrich Eberlein, 1740, (h=11.5 cm). The entire composition is decorated clockwise by putti as an allegory of the Four Seasons, each sitting on raised pedestals, models by Johann Joachim Kaendler, 1745 (h=13.5 to 15 cm). The right side of the trellis arbour is decorated with appliquéd bronze branches, partly chased and relieved with leaf veins. The blossoms are made of Meissen and Vincennes porcelain, naturalistically modelled and decorated, h=64 cm, w=56 cm, d=23 cm

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