Lot 567

Large plate with "Shiba Onko" decoration from the porcelain collection of Augustus the Strong for the Japanese Palais at Dresden
Meissen 1725-28
twelve-pass troughed. Mirror colourfully painted with Chinese statesman saving his playmate from drowning. Open spaces colourfully painted with bamboo trunks and Kakiemon blossom branches. Porcelain, on the back side incised, black sooty Johanneum mark "N: 34. W". A total of five octagonal confectionary bowls of the same size as the one shown here are known. Provenance: "The Arnhold Collection Meissen Porcelain 1710-50", p. 513, no. 241; Sotheby's, 15 June 1994, no. 49; cf. R. Rückert 1966, plate 64, no. 239, d=32.5 cm