Lot 625

Meissen 1740
Roundly trough-shaped, with steep walls, narrow flag and slightly overlapping, eightfold pinched, gold graded lip rim. The flag is painted all around with colourful Asian architectural landscapes, partly overdecorated in gold. Mirror spirally divided into six fields, these alternate with cobalt blue and white background. Richly coloured and iron red decorated with Asian floral decorations, overdecorated in gold. Wall on verso with branches of kakiemon blossom. Porcelain, at the bottom underglazed blue sword mark with letters "Mö", painting by Johann Carl Moebius. Press number "13". In total only four plates of this kind are known. Cf. Coll. Hoffmeister, vol. I, p. 278f, no. 174 (hairline crack not visible rest.)D=22 cm