Lot 31

DAUMIER (Honoré). The Representatives represented. 1st series The Constituent. Paris, at the office of Charivari / Aubert, sd.
In-folio half-purple grief, spine ribbed with gilt title (contemporary binding).
Title and 52 plates of caricatures of parliamentarians. Plate 2 (Bineau) is in two different states and there are two plates numbered 3 (Trouvé-Chauvel and Sarrans jeune).
Bound following the same one:
- [The Representatives Represented] Legislative Assembly. 37 plates of caricatures of Members of the Legislative Assembly.
- 2 plates: [Deputies depicted] No. 1 The Marquis of Marrast and without general title and number "A Degummed One".
- 7 plates of the Representatives represented, before the letter.
- Physiognomy of the Assembly. 31 plates.
Qqs small rubbed or skinned, qqs freckled.

Location of the item
France - 75009 - paris