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GRANDVILLE (Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard says). Scenes from the private and public life of animals. Vignettes by Grandville. Studies of contemporary manners published under the direction of M. P.-J. STAHL, with the collaboration of MM. de BALZAC - L. BAUDE - E. DE LA BEDOLLIERE - P. BERNARD - L. JANIN - Ed. LEMOINE - Charles NODIER - George SAND. Paris, J. Hetzel and Paulin, 1842.
1 vol. in-4 green percaline with gold animal decoration inspired by Grandville's illustrations, smooth spine with gold decoration, gilded tr. Volume I alone (the work initially planned in one volume was increased by a second volume published the same year), complete with the 96 plates without text (+ vignettes in the text) by Grandville.
Rubbed jaws, corners and cuts, irregular gutter, rare freckles.
First edition (in accordance with the indications given in Brivois) and very rare in its publisher's cartonnage: "Les cartonnages illustrés reproduisent les couvertures générales (...) extrêmement rare sous le cartonnage de l'éditeur", Gumuchian, 2801 (Vicaire, VII, 406-416; Brivois, Bibliographie des ouvrages illustrés du XIXe siècle, 364-370).

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