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PHILIPON (Charles) & DORÉ (Gustave). French-English Museum. Monthly illustration journal directed by Ch. PHILIPPON. Paris, 1855-1860.
In-folio half-basane red, smooth spine decorated (contemporary binding). Leg. Qqs. rubbed on the spine and on the bits.
Nice copy of the very rare complete collection (72 n°) of this richly illustrated review, by Gustave Doré, among others.
Supplement of the Journal pour rire and the Journal amusant, the journal changed its title in 1858 to : Le Musée français (n°37 to 72). Created on both sides of the English Channel during the Crimean War, the magazine bears witness to the vast campaign of cartoons against the Russians in its early days. It also, and above all, allows the diffusion of Gustave Doré's numerous illustrations, in which the latter experimented with various subjects - genre scenes, historical episodes and religious pages - which he would develop in painting. (Vicar, V, 1232.)

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