Lot 46

QUILLENBOIS (Charles-Marie de Sarcus, said). Pleasures and occupations of castle life. Paris, Aubert et Cie, sd.
In-folio half-marocco royal blue, spine ribbed and decorated with cold boxes, gilt title (contemporary binding).
Illustrated title and 12 plates (titled Plaisirs de la campagne).
Bound in the suite :
- QUILLENBOIS, Prophéties charivariques. Paris, Aubert & Cie, sd. Illustrated title and 20 plates.
- [MORIN (Edmond)], Ces bons Parisiens ! Paris, Aubert & Cie, sd. 20 watercoloured and erased plates (1 yellowed).
- BEAUMONT (Edouard de), Civilization in the Marquesas Islands. Paris, Pannier, sd. 22 watercoloured and erased plates. Freckles.
- Miscellaneous (Fariboles, Actualités, Croquis parisiens, la Crinolomanie, etc.) : 5 plates by CHAM, 14 by DAUMIER, 18 by VERNIER and 2 unsigned, all watercoloured and erased (short margins).
A total of 113 caricature plates, 81 of which are in colour.

Location of the item
France - 75009 - paris