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BERGIER (Nicolas). History of the great roads of the Roman Empire, containing the origin, progress & almost unbelievable extent of the military roads, paved from the city of Rome, up to the extremities of its Empire, where you can see the greatness & the incredible power of the Romans; together with the clarification of Antoninus' itinerary & Peutinger's map. Brussels, Leonardo, 1736.
2 vol. in-4, marbled calf, spine with ornate nerves, double gilt fillet on cuts. 1] 16 ff.n.ch., 458 pp., 7 ff.n.ch., [1] 3 ff.n.ch., 451 pp. (misnumbered 443), 8 ff.n.ch.
The illustration is composed of 2 vignettes on the titles, a frontispiece by Picart, a portrait of Bergier by Pilsen engraved by Gandavi, 4 off-text plates of which 2 folded and Peutinger's table. This monumental map (about 4 meters) covering the whole Roman Empire as far as China is a reproduction made at the end of the 12th century of a copy made around 350, the original of which is even older. It was rediscovered at the beginning of the 16th century in Worms (Germany) and entrusted to Konrad Peutinger who gave it his name.
Third edition of this esteemed work. In contrast to the 1728 edition, it has only one portrait and is thus complete. (Brunet I, 786.)
The author was one of the first craftsmen of our national archaeology. He wanted to present to the restorers of the French roads of the early eighteenth century the example of the Roman roads. He drew from the ancient texts almost everything we have today.
Beautiful copy, small ancient restorations.

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