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THE LABORATOR (Jean). History of Charles VI, king of France, written by the orders and on the memories of Guy de Monceaux and Philippes de Villette, abbot of Saint-Denys, by a contemporary author, religious of their abbey. Translated on the Latin manuscript by M. Le Laboureur, and by himself illustrated with several commentaries taken from all the originals of this reign. Paris, Billaine, 1663.
2 vol. in-folio, marbled calf, ornate ribbed spine, double gilt fillet on the cups. 1] 33 ff.n.ch. (title, dedication, preface, Table of books and chapters and notice to the reader), 132 pp. (Mémoires pour servir de introduction à l'Histoire du règne de Charles VI et Tables généalogiques de tous les descendants de Charles VI), 444 pp., [2] pp. 445 to 1044, 167 pp. (Histoire de Charles VI par Jean Le Fèvre, ditr de St. Rémy) & 8 ff ; n.ch. (Table of the families mentioned in the History of Charles VI).
The illustration is composed of 2 vignettes on the titles and numerous lettering and culs-de-lampe, all engraved on wood as well as a portrait of Charles VI by De L'Armes and a plate showing the tomb of the King and Queen. These two copper engravings are missing in most of the copies.
Original edition of the French translation by Jean Le Laboureur of this famous Latin chronicle by Benoît Gentien. The author was in contact with the court and was officially commissioned to write the history of his time from 1380 to 1416. Le Laboureur continued it, according to the memoirs of Jean Lefèvre, until the end of the reign of Charles VI in 1422. (Brunet III, 955.)
Benoit Gentien, famous religious of Saint-Denis, was a doctor of theology. He was made famous by his history of Charles VI who is well versed in the intrigues of the Court of Avignon and the affairs of the Court of France. His style is impartial, which is rather rare for the time. He wrote this story on the orders and memoirs of Gui de Monceaux and Philippe de Villette.
Nice copy, sths little epidermis on the plates.

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