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[LOUIS XIII]. Ludovici Justi Tertii Decimi nuncupati, Galliae simul et Navarrae Christianissimi Regis, Triumphalia Monumenta... [The Triumphs of Louis the Just XIII. of name, King of France and Navarre] Paris, Antoine ESTIENNE, 1649.
In-folio of [32] ff.-87-142 pp.-pp. 93-110-[4] pp.-46 pp.-[8] pp.-pp.47-92. Brown calf, spine with decorated nerves (contemporary binding).
Heroic poem by Charles BEYS, French verse under each figure, composed by P. CORNEILLE, mottos and exhibitions in the form of praises, by Henry ESTIENNE, abbreviated from the life of Louis XIII by René BARRY, all translated into Latin by R.P. NICOLAI, work undertaken and finished by Jean VALDOR.
Rare first edition, gathering the highlights, the main actors and the military enterprises of Louis XIII. This important historical and iconographic source was composed under the scientific direction of the engraver Jean Valdor, known as the Elder.
It is illustrated with numerous copper engravings: an allegorical frontispiece (full page), a portrait of the queen (full page), an intermediate title (full page), 20 historical scenes (full page) with verses by Corneille, a plate of the king's tomb (full page), an intermediate title (full page), 35 portraits (full page), 33 vignettes of emblems (in the text) and 51 maps and plans (on double page).
Highly restored binding, light wettings, paper restorations.

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France - 75009 - paris