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DAUDET (Alphonse). Numa Roumestan. - Parisian customs. Paris, Charpentier, 1881.
In-12 of [2]-[1] ff.-345 pp.-[1] f. red half-marquin with corners, spine with ornamented ribs, gilt title, gilt initials HMVC in tail, gilt head, gilt fillet on covers, date in tail (contemporary binding by Amand).
First edition. n°47 of 275 on Holland. (Vicar, III, 53.)
Beautiful copy enriched with :
- an E.A.S. of the author with the false title to Henri Maurice Vincent (doctor and naturalist assistant at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier, Member and laureate of the Society for the Study of Natural Sciences of Nimes, has for pseudonym V. Du Claux, born in Nimes in 1851).
- an L.A.S. by Alphonse Daudet to his "dear Georges", slnd, 1 p. in-12: "The poet Albert Mérat learning that there is talk of comedy 28 quai du Louvre asks me to ask you for an invitation for him (...)" With an amusing postscript: "I'm in your novel so far!"
- an L.A.S. from Alphonse Daudet to Alfred Grévin, 3 avenue de l'Observatoire, sd, 1 p. in-12: "I hope you - as we say at home - Thursday or Friday before four o'clock (...)"
We add from the same author, in an identical binding: The Evangelist. Paris, Dentu, 1883.
In-12 of [3] ff.-373 pp.-[1] f. Original edition. (Vicar, III, 54.)
Beautiful copy enriched with :
- an E.A.S. of the author with the false-title to "Vincent du Claux" (Henri Maurice Vincent, cf. above)
- an L.A.S. by Alphonse Daudet, slnd, 1 p. in-12: "My dear president, I sold to Mickaëlis my right to translate and reproduce abroad. When I learned that he, for his part, had done business with the Independence, I asked him if he had spoken to you about it (...)".
- an L.A.S. by Alphonse Daudet, 3 avenue de l'Observatoire, sd (1879), 1 p. in-12: "One should not count the excerpts published in Paris and taken from the book of the Kings [Les Rois en exil]. These are greetings to my book, of which I have put a beautiful copy aside for you at Gonzalès'. (…)"

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