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BOOK OF HOURS, for the use of Rheims, in Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on vellum [Paris, c. 1400].

An important fragment of an early 15th-century Reims Book of Hours illuminated by an associate of Perrin Remiet (active between 1368 and 1428).

170 x 120 mm. i + 196 + i ff. 13 lines, a few advertisements, rubrics in red, small capitals in gold on a blue and red background with white filigree, blue and red line ends separated by a gold bezant, several large initials in red or blue on a gold background, 1 large miniature on f.62. with full-page border, several folios decorated with funny and foliated scrolls (at least 15 folios are missing, 13 of them with miniatures, some wear and tear, the folio with the miniature with some loss of colour, two faces repainted). Granite calf from the 17th century.

Provenance : (1) The use and the main feasts of the calendar (in gold : Saint Remi on October 1st, Saint Nicaise on July 23rd and December 14th, in red : Saint Maurille on September 13th) indicate a Remoise origin. (2) Fragment of a 17th century document used as a cover page. (3) Maris Gerardot, from Reims "autrement dit l'ognion" : 17th century inscription on the f.i : "Ce livre apartien a Maris Gerardot autrement dit lognion fait ce deuxième aoust 1695 a Reims". (4) Hubert-André [Ba]thé, priest of the commune of Rilly, given on 5 July 1814 in : (5) Louis Roudé, schoolmaster in Rilly, signed by Roudé and dated July 6, 1814. (6) Label bearing the n° 184/1177, inscribed "Mme Fanart".

Contents: calendar ff.1-10v (missing the beginning) extracts from the Gospels ff.11-18v Hours of the Virgin, for the use of Rheims, ff.19-81v (miniatures before ff.19,33,47,54,58,66,68, 73) Seven Penitential Psalms and Litanies ff. 82-105v (missing the beginning, with miniature before f.82) Hours of the Holy Spirit ff.106-109Hours of the Cross ff.110-112v (missing a miniature before f.110) Office of the Dead, for the use of Rheims, ff.113-171v (missing the beginning, with a miniature before f.113) Sweet Lady ff.172-177v (missing the beginning, with a miniature before f.172) prayers and prayers in French ff.178-196v.

The elegant illumination of these Hours is the work of an artist whose style is close to the miniatures of Perrin Remiet, active in Paris between 1368 and 1428 and nicknamed the "Master of Death". The miniature of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple can be found on f.62.

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