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ESSARTS, Emmanuel des (1839-1909). Paris Nouveau. Paris: de Soye et Bouchet, 1857.

Copy by Stéphane Mallarmé, with autograph signed by the author. Original edition of the first publication of des Essarts, then aged 18. After graduating from the Ecole Normale and the agrégation de lettres, he was appointed in 1861 to the lycée de Sens, which Mallarmé had left the previous year with his baccalaureate in hand. It was former teachers of Mallarmé who put them in touch. A long friendship was born, which would last for a long time despite the horror inspired by the poetry of Les Essarts. In the same way, Rimbaud classifies des Essarts, in the letter called "the fortune-teller's letter", among "the dead and the fools"... This makes nevertheless this copy a moving Mallarméan relic.

In-12 (180 x 130 mm). Author's autograph: "to Stéphane Mallarmé, the stained homage of a poet without stain. E. des Essarts". Binding signed Lega : combed paper bradel on soft cardboard, smooth and silent spine, green morocco title piece on the first cover, gold letters, untrimmed, blue cover preserved, slipcase (first white leaf torn, stains on the cover and marginal wetness already present at the time of shipment). Provenance: Stéphane Mallarmé (sending).

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