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MAISTRE, Joseph de (1753-1821). The Evenings of St. Petersburg, or Talks on the Temporal Government of Providence followed by a Treatise on Sacrifice. Paris: Greek, Latin and French Bookshop, 1821.

Original edition, bound copy of the time. The work is a conversation between "the knight", "the senator" and "the count" on different philosophical subjects, tirelessly affirming one and the same idea, a pillar of the Maistrian theocratic theocratic dialectic: "I know that I know nothing" or "divine Providence governs mankind". In French in the text, no. 229.

2 vol. in-8 (199 x 127 mm). Period binding: Havana half-basan, smooth spine, title pieces and tomaison in morocco (freckles and stitches, especially at the beginning and end of the volume). Provenance: Gennard (? signature on titles) Mme Butruelle (? signature on endpapers) F. Barrois (signature on endpapers).

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