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MELLING, Antoine-Ignace (1763-1831). Seven views of the Pyrenees, each inscribed and numbered (on the montage), published in J.A. Cervini de Macerata (1778-18..), Picturesque Journey in the French Pyrenees and Adjacent Departments, or collection of 72 engravings after the drawings of M. Melling. Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1826-1838.The drawings presented are:'Vue générale de Bagneres de Bigorre, Dept des htes Pyrénées''Hermitage of Notre Dame de Consolation half an hour from Collioure, DanseCatalane/ Dept des Pyrénées Orles', '69''Vue générale des Basses Pyrénées et du Cours du Gare de Paun, prise de l'hôtelGassioin', '3.''Fort de Salles près de l'Etang du même nom / Dept des Pyrénées Orles.72''Chateau d'Odos, Dept des htes Pyrénées', '41''Bains du petit St Sauveur, des Près, du Bois, et de la Cascade Mahourat, Dept des htesPyrénées', '19''Site des Bains de Salut près Bagnère./The drawings were engraved by Friedrich Salathé and Benedikt Piringer forCervini's work, published by Firmin-Didot between 1826 and 1838.Black stone, pen and brown ink, grey and brown wash, enhanced with white, on paper in an original blue montage, one of the views tiled. 375 x 250 mm- (USD 14,020 - USD 21,030)To bid, please see the "Auction Information" section.

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