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RIMBAUD, Arthur (1854-1891)] - LOSSEAU, Léon (1869-1949). Autograph letter signed to Paul Bergmans, relating to 'Une saison en Enfer', dated in Mons, November 6, 1919.

3 pp. in-8 (210 x 130 mm) in blue ink on a double leaf mounted on tabs. Bradel of modern black cloth. Fascinating letter from Léon Losseau to Paul Bergmans (1868-1935), director of the Ghent library, in which he congratulates the latter on his promotion to chief librarian. He also mentions twice Rimbaud's famous work Une saison en enfer.
The lawyer and bibliophile Léon Losseau is known to all Rimbaldians for having found in 1901 all the copies of Une Saison en Enfer, which had remained in bundles at the printer Poot de l'Alliance typographique in Brussels since its printing. When Rimbaud went to Brussels in 1873 to recover the copies of the only collection he had printed, he could not pay the printing bill. So he took only about ten copies that he sent or had sent to a few relatives, including Verlaine, Forain, Régamey... Léon Losseau discovered more than 450 copies during a search at the printer Poot: "while stirring and visiting crates, bundles and packages. You will understand what emotion the bibliophile felt when he saw what a soiled, stained, dust-covered bundle among others had just lifted: hundreds of copies of Rimbaud's Season in Hell" (The Legend of the destruction by Rimbaud of the princeps edition of "A Season in Hell").

Losseau indicates that he is sending a copy of A Season in Hell for the library of Ghent as well as another copy for Bergmans: "I am sending you for the university library a copy of the Season in Hell... Finally, I am sending you at the same time, in a personal capacity, a copy of the Season in Hell, but this time, cardboarded with a separate edition of my notice of the Bibliophiles, because it is in this way exclusively that I give, and always on a very exceptional basis, the copies that I offer to friends. It is for the bibliophile and friend that you are that I make an exception".

This letter is bound with :
LOSSEAU, Léon. The Legend of the destruction by Rimbaud of the first edition of 'Une saison en enfer'. Brussels: L'Imprimerie, 1916. In-8 (216 x 157 mm). Extract from the 1915 Yearbook of the Society of Bibliophiles and Iconophiles of Belgium. Taken separately from the lecture given by Losseau on December 24, 1912, during which Losseau offered "as a souvenir of the meeting to each of [his] fellow members present, a small booklet of very modest appearance, while limiting myself to saying that it is of great rarity". It was during this resounding conference that the world of bibliophiles learned of the exceptional discovery of copies of A Season in Hell. Interesting Rimbaldian relics.

[with]: RIMBAUD, Arthur. A Season in Hell. Brussels, Alliance Typographique (M. J. Poot et Compagnie), 1873.
Original edition. Copy numbered "n° 7" by Léon Losseau and offered by the latter to Paul Bergmans.
In-12 (184 x 124 mm). Unsigned modern binding : ebony morocco, double filet framing on the covers, lining of the same morocco, cover, slipcase. Provenance : Léon Losseau, offered to the librarian Bergmans.

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