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UJFALVY de MEZÖ-KÖVESD, Charles Eugène de (1842-1904). Anthropological Atlas of the Peoples of Ferghanah. Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1879.

A complete copy of this rare "atlas", in fact an anthropological and anthropomorphic study of the peoples of Ferghanah, a region of Central Asia located between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, presumed cradle of the Magyar people.
It is the only complete copy of the 70 photographs we were able to identify at public sale.

The book is the fourth volume of the reports of the French Scientific Expedition to Russia, Siberia and Turkestan. The author, of Hungarian origin, returned to France after a short military career in the Habsburg imperial army. A few years earlier, in 1867, the Austro-Hungarian Compromise had been signed, giving Hungary a large degree of autonomy and helping to strengthen the national feeling of the elites, which had until then been mostly repressed. After studying ethnology, Ujfalvy contributed to the dissemination of Hungarian literature and history through translations and various publications. He was then entrusted by the administration with a scientific mission to Russia, mainly to the region renamed Ferghana, formerly Turkestan, recently conquered by General Kauffmann.
Ujfalvy lists eleven peoples of Ferghana: the Tajiks, the Sartes, the Usbegs, the Kara-Kalpaks, the Kiptchaks, the Kashgarians, the Turks (or Tiruks or Tourks), the Kuramas, the Kara-Kirghis, the Gypsies-Louli and Mazang, and the Jews. The photographs were taken by the photographer Kazlowski, "the most skillful in Tashkend" according to Ujfalvy. All the photographs were taken at the same scale.

In-4 (275 x 182 mm). 16 pages of text and 70 photographs (albumen prints of the period) mounted on tabs. The photographs show each subject taken respectively from the front and from the side (123 x 95 mm), mounted on strong paper and placed in a printed diamond scroll frame. Slightly spine binding signed Petitbled, Rouen (active at the beginning of the 20th century according to Fléty): blue half calf, spine ribbed (spine turned, the first 4 leaves, including the title, are cut out at the limit of the text in the lower margin, the leaves of the photographic plates are curved/curled, freckled and rarely wetted).

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