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BRETON, André (1896-1966). Anthology of Black Humor. Paris: Éditions du Sagittaire, 1940.

Original edition, one of the 35 copies on pure thread, with a cover illustrated and enhanced with gouache by Dominguez.

In-8 (227 x 156 mm). 20 reproductions of portraits in the text. Binding signed Alix: ebony morocco, smooth spine, gilt letters and edges, salmon canvas lining, original cover illustrated and enhanced with green gouache by Óscar Domínguez (and not Marcel Duchamp as indicated in the justification), complete with the erratum indicating that the cover is by Dominguez and not by Duchamp "currently in America". Attached is a surrealist leaflet entitled SAS on the suspension of the activities of the surrealist group, dated 23 March 1969.

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