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CHADEL, Jules (1870-1941) - THIBAUDET, Albert (1874-1936). Movement. S.l.: At the expense of Édouard de Laboulaye, 1936.

Original edition printed in 15 copies, this one including 38 drawings including 35 full page and 3 large vignettes signed Jules Chadel. The drawings, on the theme of movement, represent various subjects, mainly dancers, musicians, mythological and biblical subjects, scenes of bullfights, felines and men on horseback, wrestlers.

6 original drawings, 23 autograph letters signed and illustrated with original drawings and one on a lithographed card and 2 lithographs by Jules Chadel have been added to the album. The letters are illustrated with various subjects (dancer.se.s, landscapes, genre scenes, swimmer.se.s, biblical scenes, bestiary, etc...). Pierre Malle, the first owner of the volume and recipient of the letters, specifies in an attached typed note: "(...) A series of drawings, watercolors, or with 2 pencils, elements, advanced studies for classical myths such as: the barrel of the Danaïdes, the rock of Sisyphus, etc..., which made the folios of a volume printed in 15 copies all by hand. These 15 copies were created on the initiative of Mr de Laboulaye and placed among friends. My copy consists of his first characteristic sketches of the artist's manner. (...) My copy is therefore a kind of pre-original. We attached to it, because we couldn't classify them elsewhere, a lot of illustrated letters". The letters are mainly related to bibliophily, Chadel indicating the progress of his work on silks for guards, plates for bindings in progress or work on Movement.

In-folio (322 x 247 mm). Facsimile of a letter from Thibaudet to Henri Prost, title printed in red and black and decorated with an original drawing, 22 printed pages with Thibaudet's text with original vignette and cul-de-lampe, justification of the edition. A total of 69 drawings including 38 for Mouvement (black ink, grey and brown washes, watercolours of different formats on different papers), only the frontispiece drawing is signed in graphite by the artist, 6 drawings (black ink, grey and brown washes, watercolours of different formats on different papers) including 2 with the artist's studio stamp (Lugt 562b), the first also signed by the artist in bold pencil and 23 autograph letters signed and illustrated from Jules Chadel to Pierre Malle, a greeting card illustrated with a colour lithograph and 2 lithographs. Binding signed Creuzevault : brown morocco, smooth spine, gilt letters, gilt edges, slipcase. Provenance : Pierre Malle.

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