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MOORE, Henry (1898-1986) - GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von (1749-1832). Prometheus. Translation by André Gide. Lithographs by Henry Moore. Paris: Henri Jonquières - P.A. Nicaise, 1950.

First book illustrated by the sculptor Henry Moore. Copy by André Gide. While the war deprived Moore of the resources to continue his sculptural work, he worked on various projects of works on paper and engraved. During a visit to Paris, he meets Jonquière, who convinces him to participate in his project to publish Goethe's Prometheus, translated by Gide. He produces 8 lithographs (and a few letterings and sets) whose preparatory drawings clearly indicate the desire to make sculptures of them one day (Henry Moore. Myths and Poetry. Gallery Hauser and Wirth). His vision of the myth of Prometheus stands in stark contrast to the classical representations of the titan punished for a life of suffering and anguish. Moore's Prometheus is upright, proud and strong, supporting Mira in death or, on his rock, defying the gods despite the punishment he knows awaits him. Cramer, Moore, 18 to 323.

Folio (390 x 279 mm). In sheets under illustrated slipcover from the publisher. 15 original colour lithographs by Henry Moore, one for the cover and 8 full page (the letter "P" is repeated twice). Limited edition of 183 copies, on rag vellum in the form of Papeteries du Marais, one of the collaborators copies "printed for Monsieur André Gide" (small tears at the hinge of the cover). Provenance: André Gide (printed for).

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