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PAULHAN, Jean (1884-1968). See you tomorrow in poetry. Paris and Lausanne: Éditions de Clairefontaine, 1947.

Original edition. Author's copy, with an amusing signed autograph consignment addressed to André Gide.

In-4 (285 x 192 mm). Filled cover, printed in black and red (light freckles). Author's copy, on pure rag vellum from the Lana paper mills (with the watermark "1590 Lana" and another one with a ram's head), justified with blue ink "author's copy number III A". Unruled copy. Provenance: the forgery has a beautiful autograph signed in black ink, addressed to André Gide (1869-1951): "if I were an oyster, I would not cultivate my pearls (Florentine proverb). For André Gide, the most affectionate in the world. Jean Paulhan. May 2, 1948.

PAULHAN, Jean (1884-1968). Experience of the proverb. Paris: Hors commerce, 1925.
Platelet in-4 (235 x 188 mm). Uncut copy. Original edition of this reprint from the magazine Commerce, printed in a few copies. Provenance : on the first white sheet, an autograph signed in brown ink : " Pour André Gide retrouvé. Jean P.".

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