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PICASSO, Pablo (1881-1973) -- BENOIT, Pierre André (1921-1993). Dies. Alès: PAB, [1960]

Copy with the suite printed in red, bound by Georges Leroux. This book, one of the most successful of the collaboration between PAB and Picasso, might never have seen the light of day. In 1958, Picasso lost the set of proofs for Meurs - it was found a few years later in the artist's studio after his death. PAB therefore asked him several times for a new engraving on celluloid, a request to which Picasso did not give in until two years later. It was only in March 1960 that the publisher was finally able to get the artist to sign copies of Meurs in his villa La Californie. The theme of bullfighting may have convinced the Spanish master to start working on it a second time: bullfighting is a motif that is dear to him and which punctuated all his work. The oldest known painting attributed to him, painted when he was 8 years old, already represents a bullfight scene. Hyza, Carole et alii, Picasso et le livre d'artiste, Paris,2018, 77-- Goeppert-Cramer, Picasso, 102.

Lower case (31 x 45mm). An original unsigned drypoint by Picasso. Edition of 40 and 10 copies, this one numbered 24/40, signed at the proof by the artist and the publisher, enriched with an unsigned and unnumbered proof printed in red, usually reserved for the 10 leading copies. Binding signed by Georges Leroux, dated 1988, in brown box, cork mosaic decorated plates representing a stylized bull's head, smooth spine with the title in gilt letters, folder, slipcase.

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