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ZAO WOU-KI (1920-2013) - ROSKOLENKO, Harry (1907-1980). Paris Poems. Paris: Éditions Euros, 1950.

Original edition of the second book illustrated by Zao Wou-Ki. Edition at 99 copies, all on Auvergne paper, this one one of the 7 out of print, justified H.C. Marquet 43-48 Agerup 42-47 Chicha and Minssieux-Chamonard Zao Wou-Ki Prints and illustrated books 2.

in-4 (325 x 258 mm). 6 original lithographs of Zao Wou-Ki on full page including 2 in colours. In sheets, folder and slipcase (disclaimer on the original cover, spine of the folder burnished, missing from the slipcase).

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