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CHINA SEA - INDOCHINA - Manuscript circa 1810. In-folio (39 x 24 cm) paperback of 81 pages. Precious maritime manuscript of which we did not manage to identify the author, and of which the first 4 pages are missing (corresponding to chapter 1 of the instructions) . This manuscript, of a fine and readable handwriting, gives detailed instructions for navigators who would like to explore the China Sea. It is divided into 8 chapters: 1/Navigation of the Strait of Malacca; Instructions for entering and leaving the Strait (text partly missing; ); 2/Description of the coast of Pedir; notions for navigating it and going from Diamond Point to Arroas following the coast of Sumatra; 3/Description of the Malaysian coast in the Strait from Innuksey lon to Prince of Wales Island; instructions for navigating it; 4/Instructions for going from Prince of Wales Island to Les Arroas and from there to Mount Parcelar; 5/Instructions to sail from Sambilangues to Salangore and to cross the Strait of Callam; 6/Instructions to go from Mount Parcelar to Cape Machado and from there to Malaca; 7/Instruction to go from Malaca to the Singapore Strait; description of the dangers of the islands and banks encountered on the route; 8/Description of the Singapore Strait; instruction to cross it and go to the North China Sea. Instruction to enter the Singapore Strait and return westward through the Malaca Strait. 9/China Sea. Monsoon, winds, typhoons and currents; 10/General instruction on navigation in the China Sea either to or from the Guangzhou River at all times of the year; 11/Description of the islands in the southwestern part of the China Sea and on the east coast of Malaysia; 12/Siam Navigation; coast of Cambodia; Pulo Uby; Pulo Condore and adjacent islands. 13/Translation from Augsburg relating to the Dampier Strait. Important manuscript of maritime instructions for navigation in the China Sea, circa 1810.

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