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PRINCES et SOUVERAINS - RUSSIA: Precious album of 60 original photographs in business card format: pictures of Princes and Sovereigns including..: Gaetan de Bourbon, Count of Girgenti, and his wife; -Pedro II of Alcantara, Emperor of Brazil and his fezme empress; -Maximilian I of Habsburg, Emperor of Mexico and his wife Charlotte; -Constantin Nikolayevitch of Russia, Grand Duke of Russia, and his wife; -Abd-El-Kader; -Princess Louise; -Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton Princess of Monaco; -The Prince of Romania; -The Grand Duchess Michael (of Russia); -Princess Marie de Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen; -Princess Olga of Constantinowa of Russia; -Alexandra Padorowna, Dowager Empress of Russia; -The Duchess of Mecklenburg (of Russia); -the Duchess of Mouchy; - Louise of Hesse-Cassel, Queen of Denmark; - Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria; - Princess Victoria; - Prince Wladimir; - Louis II of Bavaria; - Empress Alexandra of Russia and her children; - Marie Pie, Queen of Portugal; - Louis I, King of Portugal; -the Marquise de Gallifet; Prince Humbert I (future King of Italy); William I, King of Prussia and his wife; the Imperial Prince of Prussia and his wife; Bismarck; a Japanese prince; 6 photographs of Napoleon II or of the imperial family; and finally there are some photos of personalities: -Gustave Courbet; Gambetta; Thiers; Emile de Giradin; Lamenais; Guizot; Prince Napoleon.

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France - 75009 - paris