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PRINCES and SOUVERAINS of EUROPE - NAPOLEON III - 2 albums of original photographs in business card format: Napoleon II, his wife and his eldest son; photos of Disderi with the handwritten mention on the back: "Souvenir de Marie-Clotlde Napoleon, 5 May 1859; -portrait of Napoleon II; Portrait of the Empress; Photograph of the Empress in profile; portrait of the Imperial Prince; of Prince Napoleon; of Princess Clotilde; Princess Murat in full length; Princess Murat in profile; Princess of Mingrelia; Princess Laetitia Bonaparte, standing; Princess Julie Bonaparte, seated; Princess Gabriel; Countess Pisani, standing; Duchess of Alba, standing; Miss d'Alba, idem; Marshal Magnan; Princess of Sagan; Marquise de Gallifet; Miss Bouvet; Duchess of Sesto; Princess of Monaco; Marshal Canrobert; Countess de Pourtalès; Marshal Bazaine; Mr and Mrs Demidoff; Duchess of Persigny; Mrs de Girardin; Princess Obrenowitch; Countess of Lehon; Duchess of Malakoff, on foot; Prince Esterhasy, on foot; Countess of Montyjo, on foot; Princess of Metternich, seated; Prince of Mettrenich; Mrs. de Lesseps; Duchess of Litta; Pope Pius X; Marquise Valewska; Queen Marie Amélie; Duke of Orleans; Duchess of Orleans; Count of Paris; Countess of Paris; Duke of Chartres; Duchess of Chartres; Monsignor Duke of Orleans; Duke of Nemours; Duke of Aumale; Prince of Joinville; Duke of Montpensier; Duchess of Montpensier; Duke of Penthièvre; Duke of Guise; Princess Czatoriska; Duchess of Alençon; Princess Amélie d'Orléans; Princess Blanche d'Orléans Count of Chambord; Countess of Chambord; Queen Victoria; Princess of Wales; Prince of Wales; Princess Louise of England; Prince Arthur; Princess Sutherland; Prince Alfred of England; Princess Helen of Augustemberg; Prince of Augustemberg; Duchess Hamilton; Queen Christine; Queen Isabella; Prince of Asturias, King of Spain; Don Carlos; Duke and Duchess of Aosta; Duchess of Aosta; Princess Victoria of Bourbon; Marshal de Serrand; King Humbert I of Italy; Queen of Holland; King of Holland; Princess Dagmar; the Queen of Denmark and her daughter Princess of Dagmar; King of Portugal; Queen of Portugal; Victor Emmanuel; the King of Sweden; the Queen of Sweden; Leopold II King of Belgium; the Queen of Belgium; the Emperor of Austria; the Empress Elizabeth of Austria (known as "Sissi"); and in a small album photographs of Napoleon III and his family. Beautiful and rare set of photographs of all the European Gotha of the years 1860-1870.

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France - 75009 - paris