Lot 4

A FINE ICON SHOWNG THE HODIGITRIA MOTHER OF GOD Greek, Cretan, about 1500 tempera on wood panel. Depicted half-length, the Mother of God facing the onlooker while inclining her head towards her son and pointing at him with her right hand, Christ shown seated on her forearm in three-quarter view, raising his hand in benediction and holding a closed scroll. Their faces highlighted with fine white lines. Against a brilliant background. Minimally restored. 32.3 x 31 cm.
FINE ICON WITH THE GOD-MOTHER HODEGETRIA Greece, Crete, around 1500 hardwood panel with two nailed-on back-sponki. Egg tempera on chalk ground, gold ground, nimbus punched. 32.3 x 31 cm. Fine modelling of the incarnate parts in shades of beige with highlights. Min. rest.