Lot 20

A LARGE ICON SHOWING THE MOTHER OF GOD AND CHRIST Greek, Cretan, circa 1730 Tempera on wood panel Portrayed half-length, in three-quarter view, the Mother of God facing the onlooker. Christ holding an open scroll inscribed with a verse. The kekryphalos of the Mother of God rendered in saturated green, her maphorion in carmine with geometrically shaped folds, embellished with a golden hem and fringes. Christ's green himation and orange chiton, supplemented by red folds. The haloes with punched patterns, against a brilliant gold background. Vertical crack minimally restored. 60 x 42.7 cm.
BIG ICON WITH THE MOTHER OF GOD WITH THE CHRIST NABLE Greece, Crete, c. 1730 Hardwood panel with two back-sponki. Egg tempera on chalk ground, gold ground, ornamental hallmarking of the nimbus. 60 x 42.7 cm. The Mother of God with her head tilted to the right holds the child in her left arm with both hands embraced. Christ presents an open scroll, holding his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing. Execution in strong colours in a dominant red-green contrast. Fine shading of the incarnate parts in brown and beige. Vertical crack rest.