Lot 34

A LARGE ICON SHOWING THE MOTHER OF GOD TRIPTYCH IN THE ST. ANDREW MONASTERY ON MOUNT ATHOS ANDREAS CONLOSER ON MOUNTAIN ATHOS Russian, Vetka, 19th century Russia, Vetka, 19th century Tempera on wood panel. Executed in bright colours on a gold ground. Five selected saints on the borders including Sts. Nikita and Nataliya. Areas of retouching. 39.1 x 43.6 cm.
large-format votive icons with the reproduction of the triptych with the Mother of God in the ANDREAS monastery on the mountain ATHOS Russia, Vetka, 19th century compound of three boards with two back-sponki (lost). Egg tempera on chalk ground, background and margin gilded. 39.1 x 43.6 cm. Five marginal saints, including Nikita and Nataliya. Partially rest.