Lot 272

THE FEODOROVASKAYA MOTHER OF GOD WITH A SILVER-GILT AND FILIGREE OKLAD Russian, mid 19th century (icon), St. Petersburg, Sergey Fedorovitch Verkhovtchev, 1877 (oklad) Tempera on wood panel. The icon executed in the traditional style with bright colours and gold highlights. The gilded silver oklad richly decorated in repoussé and chasing with intricate, foliated motifs and strapwork. The Holy figures' robes in silver filigree. Marked with city hallmark, assayer's mark, 84 standard and master's mark 'SV' in Cyrillic with Imperial warrant. Minimally restored. Thirty-six by 29.5 cm.
ICON WITH THE GOD-MOTHER FEODOROVSKAYA WITH FILIGRANEM VERMEIL-OKLAD Russia, mid 19th century (icon), St. Petersburg, Sergei Fedorovich Verkhovchev, 1877 (oklad) egg tempera on chalk ground on wood, velvet cover on verso, background gilt. Silver, chased, engraved and gilded. 36 x 29.5 cm. Marked by town mark, hallmark, fineness '84' and master mark 'SW' in Cyrillic with purveyor's mark. Half-length portrait of Our Lady Feodorovskaya, dressed in a splendid maphorion. Mary holds her son in her right arm while her cheek nestles against the child's. With her left she points to the Christ Boy. The legs of the Christ Child, embraced by the Mother of God, hang down and the left knee is uncovered. The gilded silver oclad with an applied nimbus is very finely decorated with almost sculptural flowers and wickerwork borders, the garment is partially executed in silver filigree. Min. rest.