Lot 471

A MONUMENTAL ICON SHOWING THE NATIVITY OF THE MOTHER OF GOD FROM A CHURCH ICONOSTASIS Russian, about 1800 tempera on wood panel. The haloes gilded. Executed in great detail against an architectural setting. The panel showing St. Anna reclining on a couch assisted by a maid, having given birth to the Mother of God. Below an image of the Mother of God's first bath. To the left St. Joachim and to the right St. Anna. Painted with complimentary greens and reds and blues. Minimally restored. Eighty-nine point six by seventy-three inches.
MONUMENTAL ICON WITH THE BIRTH OF THE MOTHER OF GOD FROM A CHURCH ICONOSTASE Russia, around 1800 composite of three boards with two back-sponki. Egg tempera on chalk ground, nimben gilded. 89,6 x 73 cm. Mirror-symmetrical composition divided by an architectural backdrop. Central depiction of Anna sitting in a puerperium. In the lower part two servants prepare the bathroom for the child. The left half of the picture shows an angel announcing the birth of a child to Joachim and Joachim waiting. The right side shows the annunciation of St. Anna by an angel as well as the meeting of the couple under the golden gate. Fine painting in strong red, blue and green. Partially smaller retouchings.