Lot 820

A RARE AND IMPORTANT ROYAL DOOR FROM AN ICONOSTASIS Russian, 2nd half 16th century tempera on wood panels with kovcheg. Comprising six panels. The upper panels depicting the Annunciation. The frame decorated with two volutes. The angel advancing from the left towards the Mother of God, his right hand blessing her. The latter dressed in the traditional blue chiton and deep red maphorion, standing on a suppedaneum in front of a throne with cushions, holding a skein of red wool, bending slightly forward. One of the celestial rays containing the Holy Spirit beaming towards the Mother of God. Below the Four Evangelists. To the left St. John the Theologian with his disciple Prochoros on the island of Patmos. Both figures, seated on backless benches. The Evangelist in a serpentine manner turning towards hearing the Word of God. His left hand extended in dictation to Prochoros. Against a cave on a rocky landscape. The red winged lion, the Apocalyptic Personification of St. John, appearing in the open segment of heaven above. The evangelists Luke, Matthew and Mark depicted in a scriptorium. The saints also seated on backless benches with footstool, writing in books placed on their laps. On the writing tables ink wells. Against a dense architectural background. The faces rendered in brown tones, the features formed with rosy shades and white highlights. The robust figures delineated by the clinging drapery, complimentary reds and greens standing out against the muted browns and ochre of the background. Restored, losses, overpaintings. 177 x 71 cm.
SIGNIFICANT ROYAL DOOR FROM A CHURCH ICONOSTASE Russia, 2nd half of the 16th century Two door halves, each consisting of three individual panels, some with a rear crossbar, with a semi-circular top, connected to each other at the back by a wooden frame. 177 cm x 71 cm. Tempera on chalk ground, nimbuses and borders gilded, all individual panels with Kowtscheg. The scene of the Annunciation is reproduced in the two upper panels, which are decorated with volutes. On the left, against an architectural background, the archangel Gabriel appears, delivering the divine message to Mary. Mary, standing on a pedestal, tilts her head slightly to one side and holds her right hand in front of her chest, and in her left a closed scroll can be seen. A golden ray with the white dove as symbol of the Holy Spirit comes down from heaven and symbolizes the Immaculate Conception. Two evangelists are depicted in the two fields in the middle: John on the left and Matthew on the right. The Evangelist John is depicted with his disciple Prochoros, to whom he dictates the text of his Gospel or the Secret Revelation, in front of a barren rocky landscape on the island of Patmos. The winged lion, the symbol of the Evangelist, can be seen at the upper edge of the picture. According to Irenaeus of Lyon, the lion was considered the animal sign of John and was worshipped in the Russian Old Believer tradition. The Evangelist Matthew is depicted sitting in front of a writing desk with the Gospel book. At the top in a red cloud an angel figure, symbol of the evangelist, can be seen. In the lower two registers two more evangelists are depicted: Luke on the left and Mark on the right. Both evangelists are seated on royal thrones, each at a writing desk in front of an architectural backdrop. On each writing desk lies an open scroll, each saint reads in a book of the gospels. In the two picture fields above, the animal evangelist symbols are reproduced: bull for Luke and eagle for Mark. Dam. and rest, partially painted over. Literature: E. Haustein-Bartsch (Ed.): Gate of Heaven. Catalogue for the exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of ''EIKON. Society of Friends of Icon Art", Bielefeld 2008, p. 54.