Lot 933

AN ICON SHOWING ST. NICHOLAS OF MYRA Greek, Crete, 17th century Tempera on wood panel Executed on a gold ground. The saint portrayed enthroned, blessing with his right hand, carrying the open gospel book, the latter being inscribed in Greek. The saint wearing a white sticharion (the tunic), supplemented by the epitrachelion, the epigonation (or nabedrenyk: the diamond shape accessory), and the priestly phelonion and the omophorion with cruciform decoration. The saint flanked by the half-length figures of Christ and his Mother, the former blessing and offering him the Gospels, the latter presenting him with the Bishop's omophorion (stole). Vertical crack restored, the edges minimally chipped. 29.7 x 23.8 cm.
ICONES WITH THE HOLY NICOLAUS OF MYRA Greek, Crete, 17th century hardwood single panel. Egg tempera on chalk ground, gilded background. 29.7 x 23.8 cm. Full-length reproduction of the saint sitting on a cushioned bench. He wears the bishop's regalia with phelonion and omophorion. Christ and the Virgin Mary flank him at head height. Remaining vertical crack, edges slightly dam.