Lot 939

A MONUMENTAL ICON OF ST. NICHOLAS OF MYRA WITH 20 SCENES FROM HIS LIFE North Russian, 16th century Tempera on wood panel with kovcheg. The haloes made of gold. 20 episodes from the Saint's childhood and miracles surround his half-lenghth portrait: The scenes from his life showing his Nativity and Baptism, Nicholas in the monastic school, Nicholas is ordained as a deacon and as a bishop, the saint appears to Emperor Constantine in a dream, Nicholas saves three innocent men from execution by the sword, Nicholas returns an enslaved boy to his parents, Nicholas saves the boy Dimitri from drowning in the river Dnepr, the miracle of the carpet, the death of the saint and the Translatio of the Mortal Remains to Bari. Partially restored. 108 x 86.7 cm.
MONUMENTAL ICON WITH THE HOLY NICOLA OF MYRA WITH 20 SCENES OF HIS VITA North Russia, 16th century compound of three boards with two back-sponki. Kowtscheg, egg tempera on chalk ground, nimben gilded. 108 x 86.7 cm. In the centre field strictly frontal reproduction of the saint in half figure. He holds his right hand raised in a gesture of blessing, while his veiled left hand presents the open gospel. Along the margin are 20 scenes that deal with the life of the saint, including his birth, his baptism, his instruction, his consecration as a deacon, his consecration as an archbishop, the felling of a tree, the saint appearing to Emperor Constantine in a dream, Nicholas appearing to three men in prison, preventing the execution of three innocent people, saving a ship from sinking, Nicholas buys a carpet from an old man and gives it to his wife, saving Dmitri, Nicholas brings Agrikola, the son of Vassily, back to his parents, the funeral of Nicholas and the transfer of his bones Partial rest.