Lot 978

A SMALL ICON SHOWING ST. NICHOLAS OF MYRA WITH A SILVER OKLAD Russian, St. Petersburg, 1896 (oklad) Oil on wood panel. Overlaid with a chased and embossed silver oklad. Marked with city hallmark, assayer's mark, 84 standard and master's mark 'A.M.A.'. A modern icon added. Twenty-two point four by 18 cm.
SMALL ICONES WITH THE HOLY NICOLAUS OF MYRA WITH SILVER-OKLAD Russia, St. Petersburg, 1896 (Oklad) oil painting on chalk ground on wood, partial gilding. Silver, chased and engraved. 22,4 x 18 cm. Marked by town mark, hallmark, fineness '84' and master mark 'A.M.A.'. Modern icon erg.