Lot 1008

AN ICON SHOWING ST. NICHOLAS OF MYRA WITH A SILVER-GILT AND CLOISONNÉ ENAMEL OKLAD Russian, 19th century (icon), Russian, Moscow, 1896 (oklad) Tempera on wood panel. Overlaid with a chased silver-gilt oklad. Marked with city hallmark, assayer's mark, 84 standard and master's mark 'VK' in Cyrillic. Later applied with enamelled plaques. On the reverse applied plaque with Cyrillic dedication inscription. 31 by 26.8 cm.
ICON WITH THE HOLY NICOLAUS OF MYRA WITH CLOISONNÉ EMAIL-OKLAD Russia, 19th century (Icon), Russia, Moscow, 1896 (Oklad) Wooden panel with two back-sponki, velvet cover on verso. Silver, chased, chased and gilded, enamel. 31 x 26.8 cm. Marked by city mark, hallmark, fineness '84' and master mark 'WK' in Cyrillic. Plaque with cyrillic dedication inscription on the reverse. Enamel plaques later added.