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Revue / Sol y sombra. Semanario taurino illustrado. Madrid, [w.m.], 1897. Strong volume in-8, red percaline editor. An important Spanish bullfighting magazine, which appeared every Thursday, abundantly illustrated with photos or drawings by Daniel Perea (a well-known painter of bullfighting scenes). Rare head of series, first year - April 22, 1897 - from n° 1 (date of the first publication), to n° 37 (December 30, 1897). Each issue was 16 pages long. Palau 316688. Sol y sombra. Semanario taurino ilustrado. [Madrid?] s.e., 1899. High volume in-4, full percaline wine lees. Third year from No. 90 (January 1899) to No. 142 (December 28, 1899). Vademecum taurino Por la redaccion de "Sol y Sombra". Madrid, Ginés Carrion, 1909. A volume in-12 (2 ff. - III - 312 pp.), a Havana half-basan of the time, spine with 4 decorated nerves.A classic, precise and concise guide to bullfighting, drawn up by the editorial staff of the famous Madrid magazine. Sol y sombra. Bibliotheca sol y sombra, vol. Madrid, G. Carrion, n.d. [1900-1910]. Set of 19 plates in-12, 85 pp., 1f. // 3 ff., 120 pp. // 95 pp. // 94 pp., 1f. // 95 pp. // 92 pp., 2 ff. // 94 pp., 4ff. // 94 pp.., 1f. // 94 pp., 1f. // 92 pp., 2 ff. // 80 pp. // 80 pp. // 78 pp., 1f. // 80 pp. // 94 pp., 1f. // 80 pp. // 72 pp.). Illustrated covers, mounted under cardboard with adhesive. Bookplate stamps on the title pages of each issue (Louis Tourel, bullfighting journalist, under the pen name "del Fuego"). Each booklet is devoted to the bibliography and the art of a famous toreo whose portrait illustrates the cover. The first 19 volumes of the series deal with Manuel Garcia (El Espartero), Guerrita, Antonio Reverte Jimenez, Frascuelo, Lagartijo, Machaquito, Ricardo Torres (Bombita Chico), Antonio Montes, Antonio Fuentes, Mazzantini, Dominguin, El Gordito, El Gallo, Bombita, Cara-ancha, Angel Pastor, Pepete, Rafael Molina (Lagartijo el Chico), Currito. Sol y sombra, n° 915 to 966 Semanario taurino ilustrado. Ano XVII - 25 de septiembre de 1913 hasta el 20 agosto 1914. A strong volume in-4, semi-percaline ochre, smooth spine of 520 pp. Palau 316688.


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