Lot 42

Very beautiful altar figure Oshe Shango
It shows a female figure standing with her hands on her generous belly as a sign of prosperity and abundance. Her soft and attentive face is surmounted by a crown-shaped headdress composed of several buns.
The bifid axe, attribute of the god of lightning Shango, is present on the upper part. Beside the young priestess, a seated servant plays a ceremonial flute and, at the back, an assistant kneels in devotion.
Wood, ancient brown and shiny red patina, milking pearls, leather.
Yoruba, Royal Court of Oyo, Nigeria, 19th century
H: 56.5 cm

Provenances: Philippe Ratton Gallery, Paris
Galerie Simonis, Dusseldorf
Bibliography: X. Richer, H. Joubert, Danse avec Shango, Somogy éditions d'art, Paris, 2018, pp. 202 and 203.

Location of the item
Belgique - 1040 - bruxelles