Lot 245

1694-1697. BOOK: (HERALDIC-GENEALOGY). SALAZAR Y CASTRO, LUIS DE: HISTORIA GENEALOGICA DE LA CASA DE LARA, JUSTIFICADA CON INSTRUMENTOS, Y ESCRITORES DE INVIOLABLE FE. Divided into XX books. Madrid: Royal Press: By Mateo de Lianos y Guzman, 1694-1697. 4 vol. in folio. I (1696): 9 h. + 713 p. Laminated cover, numerous remarginations and restorations, most of them on the first and last pages, faint dampness on the lower part of some pages, minimal lack of paper on the lower margin of the last pages. II (1697): Cover + 891 pages Last p. restored with minimal paper loss at the ends. III (1697): 586 p. More:] Go: TEST OF THE HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF LARA, DRAWN FROM THE INSTRUMENTS OF DIFFERENT CHURCHES AND MONASTERIES, AND FROM THE FILES OF THEIR SAME DESCENDENTS, FROM DIFFERENT PLEADINGS THAT HAVE FOLLOWED... 728 p. All the volumes with woodcut on the cover, headers, capitals, coats of arms and woodcut lampshades. Text with marginal apostilles. Four volumes in maroon leather with golden wheels in both planes and superlibris in the previous plane, ridge with gilt, nerves, edges slightly grazed. Some handwritten annotations of ancient holder, wet stamp, exlibris of previous holder. Very complete and rigorous genealogical work of the most powerful castes in Castile during the Low Middle Ages. Palau 286803. CCPB 40515-9, 40740-2, 40741-0. (PROOF OF THE HISTORY OF THE CASA DE LARA is not recorded in the CCPB).