Lot 651

1845-1860 ca. MANUSCRIPT: (EPISTOLAR). GÜELL FAMILY. WOODEN BOX WITH MAINLY COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF THE GÜELL FAMILY IN CUBA. Hundreds of letters and handwritten receipts on white, blue or even green paper. Most of them are taxes of intercontinental commercial transactions or with North America, purchase receipts, tax payments, purchase or payment orders, etc. All this documentation is dated between 1845 and 1865 approximately, in any case before 1868 and addressed mostly to Mr. Ignacio Güell living in Matanzas. They reveal an intense commercial activity not only with the old continent, but also with the northeast coast of the American continent, especially with the city of New York, Boston, etc. A very interesting set presented in an old wooden box of time, lined and polychrome, that although it has accused the passage of time (it presents/displays dirt and rubbing) still conserves certain solidity.